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  • TAL EL KEBIR Water Treatment Plant
    (Treated Water Pumping Station)

  • El-Max Number (1) Pumping Station

  • El-Max Number (2) Pumping Station

& Strategy



" To operate to world class standards and make a difference "


To achieve a sustainable, competitive advantage in the construction industry in terms of providing high standard engineering services, commitment to project completion time, and always maintaining a high standard of execution.
This will be done by developing a mutually Win-Win alignment with our clients through setting SMAC objectives (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Compatible). Internally we will play a leading role in providing constructive input to the company's future plans to ensure such plans meet client and industry needs.


The Tec-Com management team tends to selectively target large, complex and demanding projects on which we have a competitive advantage, either through a specific technical advantage or through a successful track record with the client.
The Tec-Com management team believes in investing in people; people build the business not otherwise.
The Tec-Com management team values the trust and integrity of their people and believes in doing what is right for the long term and demand all their employees to conduct themselves in accordance with the highest standard of professional conduct and ethics.

  • El–Shabab A1
    Irrigation Pumping
    Station, Ismailia

    Station Capacity: 5 Units X each 1000 liters / Sec.
    @ 57 Meters Head and 6.6 KV Motors.

  • Space