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EL SALAM (6) Pumping Station (KATIA)

Company Activities


With the quality and expertise of our engineering division, and in liaison with our foreign partners abroad, Tec-Com has now gained substantial experience towards solving all problems related to pumping stations, treatment plants, and the different treating technologies for both potable and sewage water, in order to meet the most demanding requirements of the clients and to combat the tough competition in this challenging sphere.
Tec-Com attaches much importance to the strength and capability of its team of experienced and highly-qualified engineers, whose skills in the fields of mechanical, electrical and hydraulic technologies provides the basis of quality for which pumping and treatment plants contracted by us are renowned.
While constant effort is devoted to the design and engineering of complete plants to be in line with tender specification issued by potential clients, much engineering strength is also applied to after-sales and consulting services.

Below is a brief List of Key Projects executed over the past years which demonstrates our ability and expertise in undertaking similar works; most of which are with our principals Sigmainvest in Czech Republic.